This webinar presents the results of Dr. Jackson's Culminating Project, which addressed the factors that contribute to physical inactivity in African American women.


Andreena  Jackson

Andreena Jackson

Andreena M. Jackson is a former Clinical Supervisor and currently the CEO of Mindfitness Coaching and Consulting. Dr. Jackson is currently working with multiple mental health agencies in Northeast Ohio, where she facilitates trainings to Administrative and Direct Care staff, as it relates to personal and professional development, leadership, diversity, workplace culture, and team building. Topics in particular include Integrated Care, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Emotional Intelligence, Defense Mechanisms, Time Management, Goal Setting and Effective Communication. Dr. Jackson has worked in the behavioral health field for the last 15 years in various capacities that include Field Instructor, Site Manager, Volunteer Therapist, Facilitator, and the Owner of and Operator of Marshall Manor, a group home and boarding house for the behavioral health population.

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